With over 2000 kilometres of shoreline, Lac Kipawa has some of the best fishing in Quebec.

It is well known for its excellent walleye, lake trout, and northern pike fishing. You don’t have to travel far from your cabin to catch your limit! We outfit every group of 2 to 3 people with an aluminium boat that has swivel seats, a 15-20 hp motor, and a fish finder. Not only will you be catching your supper quickly, but you will also be doing it in comfort. Don’t worry about picking up fishing licences, worms, leaches, or ice – we have all of that here, for your added convenience!



The Walleye fishing is Excellent on Lake Kipawa. This area of the lake has tons of structure for those hungry walleye. Typically walleye are morning and evening feeders so these are the ideal times to get out on the lake and reel em in!

Not only are walleye fun to catch, they are also one of the nicest fish to eat. So join us for a week and experience the taste of fresh walleye!

Lake Kipawa Walleye Regulations 2015

lake trout


Lake trout

Lake Trout or “Lakers” are a blast to catch. They tend to run like a salmon so hold on tight and reel em in! In the spring the Lakers can be found near the surface, the best method to catch them is flat lining while trolling. But when the water warms up get your lead core line or down riggers ready because the Lakers move down into the deeper/colder water.

Lakers are great on the BBQ or baked in the oven.

Lake Kipawa Lake Trout Regulations 2015
  • Possession Limit: 1 Lake Trout
  • Daily Fishing Quota: 1 Lake Trout
  • Length Limit: You may keep lake trout 65 cm or more in length

See the Quebec Regulations Website for more details (zone 13 west)

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Northern Pike

Northern Pike are well known for their fierce attacks on a lure. Lake Kipawa is a deep lake but lurking in the back bays are some huge Northerns waiting for a passing meal. You can also catch Pike in deeper water while trolling with Rapalas. Around Alwaki Lodge there are several small pot hole lakes loaded with pike. So take you can take an after noon, go for a hike and fill the boat.

Lake Kipawa Northern Pike Regulations


Other Species

Other Species found in Lake Kipawa are:

White Fish and Perch